Mr Cottone believes that when it comes to authors selecting subject matter to write about, it’s ‘the chatter’ that matters. Writers must stay tuned-in to the chatter and when something important comes up it’s time to get the written word out there. His first psychological fiction novel, Generation Z: The Male Mutants challenges exaggeration in the feminist movement in the seventies. In his latest psychological book, Shriek: an absurd novel, Mr Cottone has seized upon the individual and often collective dilemma of a sense of powerlessness in the global socio-political, economic and technological headspace. He sees powerlessness as a human frailty that the powerful exploit. This trauma becomes host to autism spectrum disorders characterised by a sense of meaninglessness and worthlessness which are the seeds to self-harm and suicide. His genre of choice has now turned to absurdism which allows individuals to interpret the powerlessness phenomenon according to their own idiosyncratic life experiences. This helps give their own lives meaning and makes life worth living.

Davide A Cottone, as an historical/psychological fiction writer, playwright and poet, delves deeply into firsthand experiences as he witnesses them unravelling in the world around him. With his forty years’ experience as a teacher in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Shanghai and Hong Kong and formal qualifications of an MA in Applied Linguistics, Davide has the skills as well as the stories which are all based on real life experiences.

He has published four full-length novels, five musicals, four plays and two collections of his poetry. His historical fiction novel, canecutter, (translated into Italian as Sotto il sole italiano) was an enormous success. Davide captured the migrant experience of new Australians in the sugarcane fields between 1924 and 1985. The author also chose the historical fiction genre as the best way to get across his message on the tragedy of war in his next novel, Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam. His musical plays and dramas have been performed in Australia and overseas. A dramatization of the novel Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam was presented to two full houses in Brisbane at the Centenary Theatre in 2016 in support of war veterans through Mates 4 Mates. He has just completed a conversion of Shriek: an absurd novel to a three-act drama in the absurd genre and will be approaching playhouses in 2021 with a view to production

Over the period from 1965 – 2018, the author has assembled two collections of his poetry in chronological order to paint Australian landscapes along with thoughts and feelings reflecting socio-political trends in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.