Davide A Cottone was born in 1947 in the little country town of Babinda in Far North Queensland. He was the youngest of three brothers, all born in Australia to migrant parents from Sicily.

He attended Babinda State Rural School and completed all his secondary education at Innisfail State High School. After studying law for two years at the University of Queensland, he returned to North Queensland where he worked as a canecutter, cane-harvester bin-driver and bank officer.

He married and resumed his studies at the Australian School of Pacific Administration in Sydney, where he qualified as an English as a Second Language teacher. After four years teaching at Rabaul High School in Papua New Guinea, he returned to Australia in 1977 where he taught English and Geography for twenty-two years.

In 1991, he was seconded for a year to teach English in Shanghai, China, under a teacher cultural exchange programme. He and his wife Elizabeth took four of their five children with them and they attended Chinese language schools becoming proficient in both Mandarin and Shanghai dialect.

On his return to Australia, Davide continued his studies of Mandarin to prepare for teaching the language in Queensland schools, but the programme was dropped after a change of State Government policy. He earned his Master of Applied Linguistics at Griffith University in 1994.

The lure of teaching English as a Second Language abroad beckoned and in 1999, he and his wife and three children went to live and work in Hong Kong for six years before Davide retired and became an investor and entrepreneur.

Davide took the opportunity to get to know his children and their friends through their adolescent years and took a keen interest and supported them in their early career paths.

Most importantly, retirement allowed him to indulge in his lifelong love of literature and dramatic art as a writer, poet and producer. He wrote, produced and directed two musicals in Hong Kong and plays at schools and community theatres in Australia.

Davide now lives in Brisbane and is an active member of Brisbane Book Authors.