1961: Outcast in Contrast. Novella (Unfinished)
1965: The Third Half. Absurd Drama (Eunice Hangar Lib: University of Queensland)
1968: Once Borrowed. Novel Fiction (Unpublished)
1969: A Touch of Powder. Drama (Romantic Comedy)
1978: Bo. Musical (Politcal Satire)
2001: The Comeback Kid. Musical (60s and 70s Rock) Performed Hong Kong 2001.
2002: The Messenger. Drama (Religious)
2002: Generation Z: The Male Mutants. Novel: Psych Fiction (Pub: P.I.E. Books)
2003: Soul For Sale. Musical (Contemporary) Performed Hong Kong 2003
2005: The Battle of the Sexes. A Guide (Unpublished)
2005: The Pony from the Back Block. Short Story (Unpublished)
2005: Sammy. Short Story (Unpublished)
2006: The Other World Album. Songs (Seven songs by Sotto Ego)
2007: Bertha Control. Musical (Rock, funk, soul, disco)
2009: Eroica. Musical (Classical)
2009: Diary of a Devoted Poet. Poetry (Published by P.I.E. Books)
2012: canecutter. Novel: Historical Fiction (Published by P.I.E. Books)
2014: Sotto il sole australiano. Romanzo (Published by P.I.E. Books)
2014: Portrait of a Devoted Poet. Poetry (Published by P.I.E. Books)
2015: Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam. Novel: Historical Fiction (Pub: P.I.E.Books)
2016: Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam. Play: Performed Brisbane Centenary Theatre.
2017: Shriek an absurd novel. Novel: Psych Fiction. (Published by P.I.E. Books).
2018: When the Curlew Comes Calling. An absurd play in three acts.