Generation Z: The Male Mutants



The iconoclastic elder feminist Doris Lessing outraged women activists recently by suggesting men were now ‘the new silent victims’ of the eternal battleground, claiming that they were ‘continually demeaned and insulted’ by women ‘without a whimper of protest’.

This novel acknowledges the feminist struggle for social justice, but presents a microcosmic clip, by way of example, of the turmoil created after its ascendancy.

It purports a scenario where, having made it to the top, a splinter group of radical feminists sets about engineering a generation of ‘mutant’ males; a neuter gender, sensitive, passive and totally submissive to the whims and fancies of their female ‘masters’.

The meticulously researched phenomenological case study of Zoe, delves into science and psychology and portrays social justice as an emotionally charged concept which, in the wrong hands, can totally demonize and irreversibly cripple a target.

In Generation Z: The Male Mutants, males are the target and they must pay the price because ‘they deserve it’… unless Psychology Professor Ziggy Zucco can derail another grave social injustice being perpetrated by the indomitable radical feminist leader and published author GiGi and her sidekicks.

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