SHRIEK an absurd novel



An anger tsunami often tosses and rolls the eccentric Aleph McNaught because he doesn’t have the means to compete or the gall to exploit others. Nor does he possess the nerve to take advantage of a situation, or the sense of self-worth to confront an adversary. When he has endured enough torment and can take no more, he changes up a gear from a scream to something turbocharged to vent his frustration and help alleviate the pain. Disenchanted and exhausted by a dysfunctional government, social rejection and the economy and religion encroaching on his personal life, Aleph proposes an absurd other-worldly alternative government that ‘offers nothing but keeps its promises’. He invites the reader to participate in this love affair with his beloved crippled country on the promise that it will linger longer than the usual tryst and can last forever if the reader dares commit to it.

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