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The Divine Bodyguard    

                   A Mini-Book                                                        by                           


Gold embossed plush pu leather 74mm X 74mm mini-book. Mother’s Day Special…

The Divine Bodyguard is written under the pseudonym of Godiva, a name chosen after The Supreme Goddess of The Divine Feminine.

Gift Set: $9.99

Includes Mini-Book, Gift Card, Envelope, Postage and Handling: delivered to your address anywhere in Australia or overseas. Order off the website www.piebooks.net using PayPal.

A light-hearted journey through a looking-glass text for women to realise the full extent of their power in society. It glorifies the principles of the divine feminine; of nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity and forgiveness.

The miniature books, measuring just 74mm X 74mm, are covered in plush pink pu (poly synthetic) leather, with a magnetic clasp, and embossed in gold as per the design by Ally Oop Designs.

The book is worthy as a keepsake or a gift and small enough to fit into a woman’s handbag.

Written with panache and style, tinged with a wry sense of humour and culminating in a deftly concise Shakespearean sonnet, we are confident the book will be a great success and a talking point for some time to come.

Currently offered as a package ready for gifting to a loved-one or friend, with a tailored envelope and gift card, for a one-off price of $9.99 including postage and handling, delivered in time for Mother’s Day, 12th May.

At the specific request of the author, Godiva’s persona is to remain shrouded in mystery as simply ‘a voice for all women’ and as such the author shall be known only by the nom de plume of Godiva.



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    A Mother’s Day Gift Like No Other Oh, please buy The Divine Bodyguard for your Mum or Wife for Mother’s Day, and please let me be there to see their faces as they open it, and then as they read it! I can’t sum The Divine Bodyguard up in one sentence because I’ve never seen anything like it before now. Exquisitely presented. The gold embossing on the cover takes it into the realms of plush. The materials are quality and the feminine, exotic design is well suited to the content. This is not your ordinary book. You probably already realised that from its miniature form. The verses take you through the history of High Priestesses to explore The Chosen Ones, The Divine Feminine, and The Life Force. We celebrate the female human body until it is claimed – ‘The ultimate power is the divine right of women.’ And yet, tongue-in-cheek, power comes with its own warning. ‘During courtship men have been known to go crazy with love … which might interfere with your mission to control the species.’ I can’t give too much more away. I’ll share just one more piece of wisdom from this miniature keepsake; ‘Never let go of the gypsy in you’. The Divine Bodyguard is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift because it’s different, sweetly presented, and honours the power of women and their feminine energy, without taking itself too seriously. What’s that old saying about the element of surprise to unseat your enemy? The Divine Bodyguard is written under the Godiva pseudonym. The publisher is keeping the author a tight-lipped secret. I can’t tell if Godiva is man or woman. What I do know, they have a wry sense of humour. Walk tall. Don’t hold back. Don’t look back. In the lyrics of Lou Rawle, ‘when she passes, each one she passes goes “A-a-ah’. This elegantly presented celebration of the power that is woman is not for the prudish. Nor is it for those without a sense of humour.  Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! Reviewed by Carolyn Martinez, Author of Finding Love Again.

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